Another Academician commits suicide: “I leave you to God”
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Turkish government is using a very suspicious “coup” to attack all its opponents and either arrest or fire them from their positions.


Government wants people to believe that a coup attempt back in July 15, 2017 was organized by its ex-partner Fethullah Gulen, an Islamic fundamentalist, religious, CIA asset, living in Philadelphia today.  However, many factors point to a show coup staged by the president Erdogan himself being secretly behind the attempt to grant him extraordinary powers.  Soon after the staged coup Erdogan and his party AKP in the government started to rule with government decrees instead of the much-touted supremacy of the law.

Arresting thousands and firing tens of thousands of public workers with the accusation of being a member of their previous partner, Fethullah Gulen, government started replacing the entire state and government positions only with their loyal followers, qualified or not.

Universities were a target of these government attacks as well.  Being accused of being a Fethullah organization member, assistant professor Mustafa Sadık Akdağ, at the University of Ordu Dentistry School was fired.  He was arrested, but was let go when no evidence could be produced of his “illegal” membership.  But this did not deter the university administration from firing him.

Last week, Professor Akdağ fired a single shot to his head and took his life under the stress and humiliation brought upon him by the government.  He was 34 years old.  In a note he left behind, he said, “Nobody is responsible of my death.  They accused me with a crime.  I am leaving the fate of my accusers in God’s hands.”