Professor Boratav, “They should turn over the university to security forces”
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Yesterday the Chamber of Architects hosted a meeting in Ankara to discuss the events where more than 330 academicians were expelled from universities by an undemocratic government decree.  The latest wave of government attack against academicians came early February when 72 new academicians were fired with what is infamously known as decree 686.   

Speaking at the event, renown professor Korkut Boratav who is also known as teacher of teachers blamed the university administration for collaborating with the government.  Referring to the incident where the police intentionally stomped on the academicians' gowns placed on the sidewalk as a show of power, professor Boratav said, “If a university administration accepts this type of behavior, they better turn the university over to the security forces.

Boratav voiced his belief that the expelled academicians will be able to return to their jobs by saying, “Those friends who are still employed in the universities should not throw in the towel.  Justice will return back and we will all return back.”

Funda Başaran a professor fired from her position at the Faculty of Communications reminded that the university officials were blaming the fired academicians for the gown stomping event and called notice on how the rectorate and the so-called “white trolls,” the internet trolls hired by the government to dominate internet chat sessions with the governing AKP propaganda, were reacting similarly against the education workers.   Professor Başaran expressed her hope in her students fort he future and said, “My students will keep the apple tree we left green.”

Elif Çongur, another academician expelled from the Faculty of Language, History and Geography for signing a declaration calling for peace, said, “My conscience is clear about my country and my child.  There is nothing I can not answer.  Those who expelled us are also aware of this.”  

 Another academician, Süreyya Karacabey, fired from the same faculty said they will write a play depicting the attacks on university and education to spread the word and that the government should be very afraid of this exposure.