High school student expelled from school for participating in a legal campaign
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Turkish president Erdoğan is playing a dirty game.  To collect the entire state powers in his hand, he declared a referendum with a simple choice “yes” or “no.”  He is relying on the ”yes” vote to make him the One Man dictator.  Under this plan, he will have powers to appoint all judges, prosecutors and has a free hand to literally do anything he wishes.  This also includes overriding the parliament.  The parliament then becomes even more than a show institution it is today to become a subservient approval office for this one-man dictatorship.

A free and fair campaigning has never existed for this referendum.  The stakes are high when it may come to Erdoğan losing the vote and eventually losing his presidency and facing courts for his illegal and corrupt rule which made his family members US dollar billionaires in only few years.  He may even be charged for the murders he ordered against Kurdish people by illegally attacking Kurdish villages with a combination of military, police and ISIS terrorist militants.  He could also be charged with terrorism for harboring, helping, and abating Syrian jihadist terrorists in Turkey by providing them housing, regular pays, free transportation, schooling and monthly government pays.  In return these jihadist terrorists roamed the streets in Turkey with arms, and confronted Erdoğan’s opposition.  Many of the dissidents were attacked either by the state forces or Syrian jihadist warriors were unarmed Kurdish civilians who simply refused to cooperate with the government’s racist, jihadist, backward and corrupt capitalist practices. Or they were just simply Kurds living in a Kurdish town that Turkey decided to attack to make an example of what happens to those who don’t bow down.

Since its first declaration the government forces and the ruling AKP’s goons started attacking anybody who dared to campaign for the “no” vote.  While the state sponsored, paid and prepared “yes” banners are hung in every possible visible space, “no” banners are torn up and those who even try to distribute hand leaflets are beaten and brutally arrested.

Two days ago breaking up a “no” rally and arresting several campaigners, the police is on record giving orders, “It is OK if you distribute a ‘yes’ leaflet, but we are not going to allow you campaign for a ‘no’ vote”

Even private corporation, fearing losing the corrupt government deals or for being “audited” by Erdoğan’s government – which translates to a mafia protection schema – have been firing any employee who they consider sympathetic to the “no” vote.

While this obvious and very visible terror attacks against the “no” voters continue everyday with the police harassments, arrests, beating and threats, the government was trying to convince that this was a fair and clean referendum preparation in the “democratic Turkey.”

Even the interior minister came out and without a blink of an eye stated that he will resign if there was even one proof of “no” campaigners were being prevented from voicing their choice.

Maybe he should do good to investigate the events surrounding the high school student Kardelen Çokluk’s arrest and subsequent being expelled from her school for defending the right to vote “no” to a dictator president.

Kardelen Çokluk, a senior high school student participated in the campaign to ask voters not to support dictatorial powers for the current president.  At 19 years old, she was arrested for campaigning.  She was later sent to the court with the prosecutor asking prison sentence for her unspeakable crime.  She was also charged with “insulting the president” for campaigning against an initiative he wanted so much.

After being conditionally released by the judges the prosecutor wrote to her Education officials who in turn sent a notice to her school.  There was also collaboration of the Governor’s office and the Ministry of National Education who added to the request to deal with her.

The school administration told Kardelen Çokluk that the governor’s office wanted her disciplined for an event that is perfectly legal.  She was requested to be “thrown completely out of the education system” by the highest political figure in her district!

After a required “investigation” Kardelen Çokluk was expelled from her high school.  The school principle called her family to school to complain.  However, her family stuck with her and asked why participating in a legal campaign would have their child expelled from school.  Of course, the school didn’t have any answer.  It was the order of the dictatorship.  Not to comply would had the principle fired.

Executing the high order to the letter, no public school is accepting Kardelen Çokluk now, who is now forced to sign up and attend a private school.

All this animosity and illegal attacks on her, however, has not deterred this young student.  She says the unnecessary attacks on her only shows the nature of the Turkish system and to prevent more of these attacks, there needs to be a higher number of “no” voters against the dictatorial regime.  She also promises to work harder to gather the “no” votes after being dismissed from her school.