Fascist government collaborators, under police protection, attack the Faculty of Communications in Ankara
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Fascist government collaborators, under police protection, attack the Faculty of Communications in Ankara

A group of Turkish neo Nazi fascists working closely with Turkish government attacked the Faculty of Communications in Ankara.  Taking their orders to subdue the students and faculty and to work together with the police, a group of thugs came to the faculty from Incesu district to hang a banner promoting bringing back the death penalty.

Dictator Erdoğan has been advocating the death penalty to conjure ultra-nationalism.  Death penalty was banned in Turkey as a precondition to enter the European Union.  However, as Erdoğan started to show his real face of Islamic terrorism, Turkey has been moving away from any resemblance of democracy and the death penalty discussion is revived. 

The death penalty issue crystallizes around the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, being kept under isolation in an island by the Turks, after the CIA captured him and gave him to Turkey under the promise not to execute him.  Kurds constitute around 25% of the population in Turkey with no freedom to express their cultural and ethnic identity. 

The fascists, working with Turkish government forced themselves to the faculty and hang a banner reading, “Execute Öcalan.  United Great Turkey!” a slogan that parallels “Make America Great Again” used by Trump followers in the US.

Then the thugs forced themselves inside the Communication Faculty building and started shouting, “Even if our blood flows, the victory will be Islam’s.”  The group then started attacking the college students.

The students, hearing the screams to spill blood, came to the gates of the building to confront the attack.  The police then sprang into action and surrounded the students to protect the fascists.   Once the students were surrounded by the cops, the fascists took out the weapons and sticks they had brought for the assault and attacked the students.

To prevent serious injury, students then pulled back inside the building.  However, the fascists did not stop and continued their attacks with rocks, sticks, swords, and knives they had brought along.  It was reported that at least 4 students were wounded by the attack.  The wounded students left stains of blood on the faculty floor and steps.  Police only watched the attack.

The fascists then marched out under the protection of police and left the campus as the police too marched out after them.