Fired Academician commits suicide in Adana
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An academician fired from his job with the Turkish government’s decree known as KHK 686 has taken his life in Adana.

In an announcement from the Education Workers’ Union, Eğitim-Sen, Adana branch it was expressed that their member Mehmet Fatih Traş had committed suicide after being axed from his job for signing a public call for peace by a group of academicians who tried stopping the war Turkey is entering as a NATO member and preventing the senseless killing of Kurdish citizens.  The call to peace was named, “We will not be a part of this crime.”

The union announcement gives the background as, “Our member, finishing his doctorate degree on June 23, 2016, was fired from his position as soon as he received his PhD degree for signing the call for peace.  This came at a time when his school was short of academicians, and is in need of teachers.  However, he was not given a position and expelled.  When Mehmet Fatih Traş was axed, his co-worker teachers arranged for him to give lectures in the school such as Digital Economy or Economy of Agriculture.  However, those who consider a call for peace or signing a call named, “We will not be a part of this crime” as a crime by itself pressured the university administration and prevented him from teaching altogether and forced him out of the academia altogether.  Our member then applied to many universities but was rejected due to being a signatory to a peace declaration.

“Those who are responsible for the death of our member ranges from the president to the government, from the Higher Education Council (YOK) to the university administration who have shown nothing but disdain, hatred and grudge against those who demanded peace.  Also, those who could not stomach our member to give even a couple of lectures as a visiting lecturer are responsible.”