A show of solidarity from Yordam Publishers: The income from sales of the new books Macroeconomics and Microeconomics will be donated to expelled academicians
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Book publisher Yordam in Turkey has pledged to donate the income from their new books Macroeconomics and Microeconomics to the academicians fired by government for being dissidents.


The publishing house also called on all others to stand by the unlawfully fired academicians by a government decree.



Excerpts from Yordam Publishing’s statement:


“We are on the side of the fired academicians.

The number of academicians expelled from universities since January 2016 has reached around 4,000.  The last link in this event are the nearly hundred academicians fired from the University of Ankara with the government decree. 


These efforts are trying to make the cultural and the thought world barren and empty.  We were against the blind darkness that initiates these and we are against it now. We are seeing these attacks not only on the people subject to these assaults but as attacks against the entire society.”


The statement ends with, “We will be able to overcome this darkness only by holding hands together against it”